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This is a functional bag with a wide gusset and plenty of pockets. Made of sturdy canvas material, the design is minimalist with an unusual stenciled brand logo and a retro atmosphere. The front has a rubber plate with an illustration of the brand's iconic cat.

The tote bag comes with a clutch bag that can be used as a back-in-back for valuables and small everyday items.
Like the tote, it is rubber-plated with a stencil logo and cat illustration.
The clutch bag can also be used as a stand-alone clutch bag.

This bag is the perfect size for a weekend excursion. It has three outside pockets at the front and sides that together can hold an umbrella, magazines, a bottle, and more.
Inside, it also has three different pockets.

Last two years Since 2020, we have been in a battle against Corona, a virus unknown to people all around the world before that date.
In lockdown during this period, We designed this series in the hope that people will be able to go out freely again, to see the people they care about, and to be in touch with nature.
The illustration on the rubber plate on the front of the bag was drawn by Fukaya during the lockdown.


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