The word "il micio" means a kitten in Italian. This name is derived from the fact that Fukaya deeply loves this noble animal and wants to keep pursuing his career with free spirit, like a kitten.

Il micio is complete by custom made to your requirements, and hand crafted for all the shoemaking process. His shoes are tailored to your personal needs and are exclusive products in the world. They fit the foot as neatly as possible in every way, and attract you with slim and limber figure, stylish and sexy design. Fukaya’s footwear have an aura of fascination.
Since he was a child, Fukaya has been dedicating his life for crafting objects. During his academic years in design school, he was interested in making shoes and trained under the direction of a shoemaker in Nagoya. After his graduation from the school, he worked for a company as fashion designer, but he never could get making shoes off of his mind. Finally he had decided to become a bespoke shoemaker and left to Italy. There he continued his training and worked as an appentice shoemaker in Siena, soon improved his skills with outstanding ability. His concept is maintained in his products: “Original craftmanship that no-one can copy”.
In 1999 he launched  Il Micio , and started his own shoemaking business. Later, his ability was aknowledged by Franco Minucci who is owner of well-known high-class boutiques Tie Your Tie , and with his assistance Fukaya finally opened his own shop in Firenze. He works as in-house designer for the shop, also collaboretes to produce shoes with nationally known boutiques in Japan. He is the first Japanese who set up shop overseas specilizing as bespoke shomaker, being recognized as expert craftsman.
Since he started working, his aim is “producing the most beatiful shoes”.
Meticulous attention to details, the finest design, flawless construction and impeccable craftsmanship are hallmarks of his aimed products.
Hidetaka Fukaya working in his workshop in Florence Italy

Hidetaka Fukaya

1974 - Born in Nagoya Japan in October 18.

1993 - After graduating from high school, enterd into Japan's top design school Mode Gakuen in Nagoya.

1994 - During academic years, trained under the wing of finest shoemaker Shigetaro Matsuda and learned the basic shoemaking skills.

1997 - Graduated from Nagoya Mode Gakuen with top honors. Received an awardCreator of The Year.Moved to Tokyo and worked as designer for KENSYO ABE brand company.

1998 - Resigned the company and left to Italy. Worked as an apprentice for shoemaker Alessandro Stella in Siena.

1999 - Moved to Firenze and launched his own brand il micio. Started his carrier as shoemaker.

2003 - Your Took charge of designing shoes for Firenze's well-known brandTie Your Tie.

2005 - Opened his own shop which was his long cherished desire.

2006 - Collaborating with Japanese apparel companyTOMORROWLAND, designed high quality readymade shoes

2007 - Went on Japanese television NHK documentary program "First Japanese"

2008 - Collaboratine with Japanese apparel company Eight Milliondesigned high qualità readymade shoesCollaboratine with Italian companySperga,designde sneakes for Collection forSperga for Hidetaka Fukaya 

2009 - Went on Japanese television NHK World programTokyo Fashion Express

2009 - Went on Japanese television SKY TV program Otonano Europe Aruki 

2009 - Went on Japanese television Yomiuri program Good Chikyubin 

Contest Prizes

1993 - Kyukamura Character Design ContestGrand Prix

1995 - Nagoya Fashion Design ContestGrand Prix

1995 - Thinsulate Fashion Design ContestGrand prix

1995 - Yokohama Fashion Design ContestThird Prize

1996 - Fukui Fashion Design ContestSecond Prize

1996 - Sapporo Fashion Design Contest Honorable Mention

1997 - Koube Fashion Design Contest Honorable Mention