Bespoke craft shoes like 100 years ago

Il Micio wants to keep alive the heritage and tradition of craft shoes like they were made 100 years ago, with its techniques and its pasión, a really hard work, but a more beautiful Art.

A Piece of Art

A pair of our handmade shoes are a work of art. Unique to their owner. It's an item that the person lives and enjoys, who appreciates and loves for its sentimental value, a unique piece in the world, designed and created on purpose for the person in which the craftsman's hand and time are two factors that gain importance.
Il micio creates unique pieces that accompany the person in his life and can last forever

The Technique

Il Micio, creates its unique pieces through the original techniques that were used more than 100 years ago, true handmade shoes with extreme dedication and attention to detail. These shoes are pieces made with natural products, manual processes and using ancient techniques that require the use of tools almost forgotten in our times, tools that Master Hydetaka has been collecting for years from different parts of the world in order to continue with this traditional art that otherwise it would end up disappearing.

When Tradition meets Innovation

il Micio, keeping the heritage from the masters, is always looking forward to expand the limits of his creations, finding new techniques and materials based in the traditional ones, creating innovating designs with notes from the past with the purpose of bringing to the world new pieces that will not go unnoticed