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G-3 Beans Bag

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In this collection, we pursue "unique elegance." Typically, when we say "unique," our attention tends to be drawn towards eccentric designs, colors, and shapes, which often do not align well with elegance. However, while adhering to il micio's minimal design philosophy, we have been particular about harmonizing distinctive brilliance with elegance.
Notably, the design stands out as something unseen elsewhere. Conventional bags are usually composed of multiple parts, but this bag is constructed with a single piece from the sides to the bottom, and another single piece for the remaining sides, a unique pattern. Despite its astonishing simplicity, the design is meticulously calculated, embodying the craftsmanship and passion of skilled artisans.
This Beans bag is also brought out uniquely by the person who uses it. There are two holes on each of the four sides of the bag, The bag's silhouette can be changed by adjusting the length of the string, and it can be enjoyed as a pochette, handbag, or shoulder bag.


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