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B-3 Boho Kincyaku SDGS

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The Boho series, which has become one of il micio's icons, was conceived from the idea of how to make the most of limited resources and materials and how to take good care of them.
In the Boho series, damaged parts are re-knitted and repaired, or disassembled and reassembled into a completely new item. As the shape of the piece indicates, it has infinite creativity and infinite
regenerative potential.
The Boho SDGS series was made possible by the generous donation of materials from many of our fellow Florentine artisans who agreed with our vision. These materials were selected by these stubborn craftsmen with their own discernment, but were lying dormant in production, unusable by any means. The leathers are of various types, processes, ages, and colors, and when they are used in the manufacturing process, different textures and colors emerge even from the same model of product, making each piece one-of-a-kind even in mass production.


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