Expansión Talk about Il Micio

5th place in the top 10 of the best shoemakers in the world according to the Spanish newspaper Expansión

The author José María López-Galiacho dedicates a section to us in his article:
At a time when craftsmanship is valued like never before, multiple shops and brands offer "made-to-measure" shoes. However, there are very few who make truly exceptional shoes, sewn by hand and made according only to the measurements of each foot and not, as is often the case, following more or less standard lasts. The perfection achieved today both in the design and in the execution of custom-made shoes by some artisan shoemakers who maintain the technique of past centuries makes never-before-seen shoes available to sybarites from half the world.

A "bespoke" shoe involves taking detailed measurements of the foot and making a specific wooden last for each of them. They have little to do with the made-to-measure models or those sewn by hand on standard lasts. The following cobblers make 100% bespoke shoes.


Hidetaka Fukaya

While the British Jonathan Lobb or Jon Spencer are recognized for giving life to classic handmade shoes, Il Micio, nickname as this young Japanese is known, focuses on getting shoes that stand out, in addition to their craftsmanship quality, for their groundbreaking design; design where sharp toecaps make it clear who is behind its creation. Based in Florence, he learned the trade from Alessandro Stella and today his double buckle, his balmoral boots and his moccasins are objects of desire among the new dandies.


We thank him for his words and from Florence we send him a warm greeting.


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